Find the most interesting available building investments in Valencia city. Different strategies for solid investments that deliver cash-flow and Return On Investment in the most exciting Spanish property market.


  • 2 Buildings: 12 apartments + 4 commercial units
  • Already leased until Feb 2019
  • Asking price: €1.5m
  • Current rental income until Feb 2019: €28,512
  • Potential rental income from 2019 (long term): €110K
  • Valencia rental price rise by 12% in 2016

This is an ideal opportunity where two buildings are located on the same street. This is the scenario that we suggest: one to be run as a holiday letting business and the other one for long term rental, combining two good strategies with high demand.

The buildings are in the borough called “El Carmen”, which is in the Old Town, bordered by the river garden La Turia. In the 1980s El Carmen was a poor area in needs of urbanisation and a rehabilitation plan. Young people moved away from El Carmen given the poor condition of the housing stock and an increase in crime. Now the younger population is back and the area is considered to be a “prime-market”.


  • Asking prices: €682k buying the ltd company
  • OR... €1.6m buying the lot of properties
  • New developments in a great location: Ruzafa district
  • One building in the heart of Ruzafa

This deal is an opportunity to step into the touristic rental business with a top class new development in the trendy Ruzafa district, where the shortage of new developments makes this building potentially attractive and demanded.

It is a new development already run by the limited company that has the ownership, and the best possible best way to take over is buying the company, taking possession of the ownership and keep running the business.

From a strategy point of view there are 2 options: buy the building at €1,610,000 or buy the company at € 628,422


botanic apartments
  • Traditional building in a prime location
  • Price: €670k
  • The apartments need refurbishment
  • 200sqm per floor... capacity for 3-4 apartments per floor
  • with two gropundfloor comercial premises

This is a very well priced deal for those looking for buy to let of buy to resale new apartments. As it is currently, each apartment needs a few thousand euros to be ready. With a larger investment, we can fit ut to three to four more apartments. If now it has 2 commercial premises and six apartments, it can be enlarged up to 10 apartments.


  • Project of 8 apartments, 2 penthouses and 2 commercial premises
  • Cost of the whole project: €1.7m
  • ROI: 25%
  • Exclusive project
  • Good location with exterior apartments facing 2 streets

This is an exclusive deal to investors who want to generate a good return developing. The project is done and constructors in place. Certainly, an opportunity to launch good quality apartments to the Valencia demanded market.